Venice Beach Boardwalk Welcomes Topikal, A New CBD Store

topikal store from cbd store venice beach.jpg

Topikal, the main CBD Store to hit California simply opened up a second area on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. This is huge for a considerable measure of reasons.

Cannabis has come far. From a state that would detain anyone with any possession of marijuana to one of the most notable marijuana smoking states.

Presently of course Topikal Everything Hemp isn’t the average weed shop, in truth they aren’t a weed shop by any stretch of the imagination. They entirely sell CBD items. CBD, unlike THC, is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that does not give a psychoactive effect, meaning one can get the greater part of the benefits of cannabis without feeling “high.”

In the previous few years CBD has gained prominence because of its wide exhibit of benefits. Unfortunately, CBD is so new and has such a great amount of shame around it that not enough people use it. Topikal believes that if everyone approached CBD oil the world would be a greatly improved place. That is where Topikal Everything Hemp comes in

topickal logo

The Company started off as a block and cement in Tarzana, CA. The two brothers Greg and Gary opened the store because they unequivocally believed in the wonders of CBD and the positive effect it can convey to people’s lives. They themselves use CBD; Greg who uses it for rheumatoid joint pain found that CBD is more effective for his torment and irritation than the prescription medications he uses, all without the negative side effects. Gary started utilizing it for anxiety and immediately realized that CBD was a lifestyle. Presently with a store on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, Topikal can take after their dream of spreading the word about CBD to people everywhere throughout the world. Hundreds of thousands of people walk the Venice promenade once a day, a large portion of them being travelers from other countries and states.

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